High Density Polyethylene Rail Fencing

Choosing the Right Fencing Products for Animal Containment, Equine or Livestock.

The type of fence that you will need depends on the livestock, crops, and other vegetation that border the fence. Horses will run through a fence or get tangled in it causing harm to themselves. Cattle will crawl over fences, sheep try to crawl under. Hogs, of course, try to root their way under a fence. Any livestock will put a fence to its greatest test when there is a lush green crop on the opposite side.

Derby Fence is the Right Choice in Safe, Durable, and Virtually Maintenance Free horse fence product for Livestock & Horses in all locations and climates. From the farm or ranch to suburban developments.

Derby Fence is manufactured in typical lumber sizes. Because Derby fence is hollow it is lighter and easier to work with than wood fencing. An HDPE rail weighs about as much as a wooden rail of the same dimensions, and a post weighs about one quarter as much as solid wood of the same dimensions. Thick side walls and internal ribs add strength and firmness to HDPE fence products and eliminate the need for, and cost of, internal reinforcement with other materials. Our internal ribs differentiate us from our competition.

Along with maintaining a traditional fence appearance, this traditional sizing enables easy replacement of traditional wooden fence components when needed.

Our fencing is available in 2, 3, or 4 rail & crossbuck combinations and in 7′, 7.5′ and 8′ posts.

Derby Fence’s Rail Button Locking System

Our special galvanized “rail button locking system” securely contains animals but remains easily removable by the owner to allow access for tractors and other equipment.

HDPE, PVC, Vinyl, Plastic Horse Fencing


Derby offers the safest and most beautiful HDPE horse fencing available. 100% made in the USA with a twenty-year warranty.


HDPE, PVC, Vinyl, Plastic Farm Fencing


The best choice for safe, durable & maintenance-free fence for farms & argiculture in all locations and climates.


HDPE, PVC, Vinyl, Plastic Livestock Fencing


Derby’s thick-walled HDPE construction makes it the sturdiest and safest option to contain livestock in extreme climates.


HDPE, PVC, Vinyl, Plastic Cattle Fencing


Your cattle will be safe inside our HDPE fence products and you will be choosing an environmentally friendly fencing option.


HDPE, PVC, Vinyl, Plastic Ranch Fencing


From ranches to suburban developments, a Derby Fence is the perfect choice for safe, durable & maintenance free fencing.


HDPE, PVC, Vinyl, Plastic Pasture Fencing


Derby Fence blends beautifully with any architectural style and is a great way to add a touch of elegance as a perimeter fence.


Products We Offer

Two Rail HDPE Fencing

Define your space with our 2-Rail HDPE Fencing. It blends beautifully with any architectural style and is a great way to add a touch of elegance as a perimeter fence

3 Rail HDPE Fencing for horses, livestock and animal containment

Three Rail HDPE Fencing

Derby’s 3-rail HDPE fence for horses and livestock has become the trusted source for large animal containment. Derby offers the strongest, safest and most durable horse fence available

Four Rail HDPE Fencing

Derby’s beautiful 4-rail HDPE equine ranch fencing is perfect for horses, cattle and other livestock with tighter spacing between the rails. This is the ultimate all purpose equine ranch fencing.