High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Farm Fencing

Choosing the Right Farm Fence Product

HDPE Farm Fencing from Derby Fence is the safest, most durable and long lasting fencing you can use to securely contain your farm animals.

Derby Fence is the smart choice for fencing in pigs, cows, sheep, goats and other farm animals. Derby Fence is offered in 8 beautiful colors to compliment the look you are trying to achieve, whether it is the elegant white, regal Kentucky Black or one of our other colors.

HDPE Farm Fencing PVC Vinyl PlasticSince Derby Fence is manufactured from 100% HDPE it will not crack or become brittle, even in extremely cold weather, ensuring the safety of your farm animals.
Derby Fence’s long lasting colors are protected by a special UV Protection package that ensures your fencing project will retain its beauty for many maintenance free years.

Derby Fence’s 2 x 6 rails are supported and stiffened by 2 internal reinforcing ribs and locked into the 6 x 6 posts by our special galvanized locking buttons that securely retain the rails in the posts while also allowing for easy removal for access by tractors and other farm equipment.

Derby Fence is available in 2,3, 4 and even 5 rail configurations with posts available in different lengths depending on your soil and climate.

Because Derby Fence is made from HDPE you can fashion beautiful round riding pens and arenas. When you consider Derby Fence’s beauty, durability, longevity and safety there is simply no better alternative for your horse fencing project. Backed by a 20 year warranty, Derby Fence is the smart, eco-friendly farm fencing choice.

Why Choose a Derby Fence?


Derby Fence Co. was founded in 2006 by Christopher Arendt, President and owner of Lakeland Plastics, Inc., one of the leading custom plastic extrusion companies in the United States. Lakeland Plastics was founded in 1962 in Chicago, IL.. In 1993, growing sales volume required Lakeland Plastics to move to its current location in Wheeling, Illinois.

With a plant size of 32,000 sq. ft. and 12 production lines, Lakeland Plastics has an established customer base for its wide range of custom extruded products, as well as providing Derby Fence Co. with its full line of virtually unbreakable ranch fencing.

2. 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

All Derby Fencing is 100% American made by Lakeland Plastics in its Illinois facility utilizing state of the art extrusion calibrating equipment and CNC machining centers.

Derby Fencing reclaims 100% of its scrap production, thereby contributing nothing to the areas landfills, and recycles all its cooling water striving to be as Eco friendly as possible.

Your animals will be safe inside Derby’s HDPE horse fence products and you will be choosing an environmentally friendly fencing option.


Derby’s unique thick-walled construction makes our HDPE Equine Ranch Fences the sturdiest and safest of all polymer fences available on the market. Thick side walls and internal ribs add strength and firmness to our HDPE horse fence products and eliminate the need for, and cost of, internal reinforcement with other materials. Our internal ribs differentiate us from our competition.

Another unique feature of a Derby Fence is our special galvanized “rail button locking system” which securely contains animals while remaining easily removable by the owner to allow access for tractors and other equipment.


This picture shows what can happen to fences made from PVC or Vinyl. PVC-Vinyl fencing becomes brittle in cold weather, however, it doesn’t fair very well in warm temperatures upon impact either.

PVC-Vinyl fencing was designed and engineered to be used as “Decorative Fencing” and never intended to be used as containment for livestock. It just doesn’t make any sense to contain animals with a product that could cause a serious or even fatal injury.

Derby Fence was designed and engineered to be used in animal containment, equine or livestock. Derby Fence is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE horse fence) and will not become brittle even at 60 degrees below zero and will absorb the impact of a full extended leg kick from any breed of Equine or Bovine.